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How Is Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Regular Plan for SIP Investment?

Multicap schemes that focuses predominantly in the large cap companies along with considerable allocation in the high-growth potential midcap companies have always been the center of attraction for the investors. One such scheme that walks on the same footwork is Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Regular Plan. Low portfolio turn over and long term investment focus has helped this scheme in emerging as one of the best multicap schemes in the financial market. Moreover, the market is unpredictable, therefore you should include such top performing schemes in your portfolio. Therefore, the financial experts of MySIPonline performed an in-depth research of the scheme to help the investors in taking their decision of starting their SIP plan wisely.

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund: At a Glance

Earlier known as Kotak Select Focus Fund G is an open-ended multicap mutual fund which was launched on 11th September, 2009. As on 28th February, 2019 the AUM (Assets Under Management) of this scheme is Rs. 21,682 Crore. The minimum investment required to start this scheme is Rs. 5,000. Furthermore, if you start your SIP plan in this multicap scheme, then you can start with a minimum investment of Rs. 500 which is quite affordable. The expense fee charged is 2.06%, as on 28th February, 2019. Although, the scheme is a perfect match to meet your long term goals but if you wish to exit the scheme, then the exit load is 1% (if the redemption is made within 365 days).

Now, lets have a look at the style of investment to understand the asset allocation.

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund: Investment Style That Delivers Returns!

Distribution of Portfolio: 95.11% of the assets are invested in the equity market. Large companies hold the highest percentage of portfolio allocation (77.07%) followed by mid cap (21.90%) and small cap companies (1.03%). The companies having the potential of providing above-average growth rate is chosen to provide capital appreciation to the investors.

Having analyzing the portfolio allocation, now let us have a look at the different types of sectors in which the scheme has diversified the assets.

Allocation of Sectors: This multicap scheme of Kotak distribute the assets in a large number of sector with financial sector dominating the others. The scheme has also invested considerable portion of the assets in sectors like, energy, construction, technology, FMCG, automobile, etc.

Following a growth-oriented style of investment, the Kotak Standard Multicap Fund has managed to give positive returns to the investors. Let’s have an overview of the past performance to justify the suggestion of the market experts of MySIPonline.

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund: Healthy Track Record

The 3-year annualized returns of the fund was 17.01% while that of its benchmark and category’s average were 15.90% and 14.22%, respectively.

The fund has provided even more returns in the long term. The fund has generated 5-year annualized returns of 18.70% whereas the benchmark index and category’s average in the same span of time were 14.26% and 15.32%, respectively. Moreover, the 7-year yearly returns of the fund was 17.90% and has again defeated it’s peer competitors by a huge margin.

Reading so far, you yourself should have get the answer of the question,”How Is Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Regular Plan for SIP Investment?”. Furthermore, if you still have any doubt regarding the scheme or process of SIP, then feel free to ask suggestions from our experts. You can also download our mobile app to get your queries solved. Download our Android application now at

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